IMVAJ offers emerging classical vocalists from Israel and from Europe the opportunity to expand their vocal expertise, stage experience and professional ties. In a series of individual and open-to-the-public classes, internationally acclaimed artists share their knowledge and artistry with chosen students.

Each Year IMVAJ Stages two productions, one of which is always an Israeli World Premiere thus promoting and encouraging contemporary Israeli Music. IMVAJ works with the Felicja Blumental Non-profit  music organization.

Our main benefactor is Mr. Josef Zamboki, a Serbian born engineer who with his sister came to Israel as sole survivors of their family after the Second World War. In view of the personal and Historical Legacies, IMVAJ questions the nature of young artists vocation and their moral and social obligation to their audiences, especially that composed of the elderly and frail who have eager ears for music’s comforts.

The audience takes an active role in the Masterclasses and chosen singers are asked to take part in specially designated concerts round the year.




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